Welcome to your Whispering Forest

Whispering Forest Jars, just like us, require care and attention to keep looking and feeling their best. The plants and foliage contained are real living, breathing, photosynthesising organisms.  Follow these simple steps to maintaining your Whispering Forest.

Whispering Forest Jars don’t like direct Sunlight, but they love natural daylight which is essential for the ecosystem.

Moisture is just as important as the daylight. However, avoid wetting the leaves - better to allow a little dryness than to over-water.

Leaving the lid half open will allow the Jar to breathe fresher air, however when the lid is closed will help plants to remain moist for longer. Finding the perfect balance will depend on the placement of the Jar and its surroundings.

Spray moss to avoid it becoming too dry, if moss is dry - take out and soak it in cold water for a couple of minutes, then place it again.

Just like any other plants, they will grow with age. The plants will need trimming from time to time.

After purchasing, you will need to give the plants some time to adapt to your surroundings. They need to start working with your environment to get stability.

Glass Jars can become steamy. This is 100% normal! Closing the jar lid completely increases humidity and creates an ecosystem where it becomes self-sufficient (not every jar) - steam is condensation of humidity - trapped in the glass.

If the glass becomes is too steamy, removing the lid will help evaporate some of the excess humidity.

Remember to clean the glass walls inside and out, you can use a mixture of water and white vinegar or window cleaner. Avoid spraying the glass directly and use soft cloths to clean.

Due to the nature of the plants and the various contributing factors, we cannot guarantee the survival or health of the plants after sale. Should your plants need some additional TLC (Tender Loving Care), we do offer replacement moss and plants for a small fee. The fee is variable depending on the size and amount of replacements needed. Please enquire via the contact page or social media for more information.

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