Stimulate your mind and take you to a place of peace and silence. Each Whispering Forest is created with great care, attention to detail and passion for nature.

Located in Southampton, UK, offering bespoke/custom Terrariums for yourself or as a gift.

Due to the fragile nature of our Jars, delivery options are limited to local pick up or delivery within Southampton for a small fee.

Whispering Forest Jars

Terrarium Jars are mostly self-sufficient ecosystems that utilise a lid to seal in the naturally circulating moisture, keeping the organisms in a comfortable thriving state. They will require occasional maintenance to replenish the environment contained to encourages healthy growth. Jars can vary on self-sufficiency, so some may require more or less frequent maintenance. Please check product descriptions for a Jar by Jar detail.

Whispering Forest Wall-Art

Each Wall-Art is made using real preserved moss and foliage. This is real moss (not artificial) that has been specially preserved so it will maintain its appearance and require no further maintenance. Depending on the theme of the Wall-Art, accompanying miniature objects can be used to provide a subtle focus point to the 3D landscape.

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