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Whispering Forest was born in May 2019 from passion to plants and terrariums.

Glass Jars are nothing less than calming and positive capsules which are full of peace and hold that calmness. Together they bring nature right next to you, increasing happiness and lowers anxiety.

These beautiful plants held in the Glass Jars could be placed anywhere in your home (away from direct sunlight), be it close to your computer, Television or side boards and allow you to enjoy and relax with nature from the comfort of your home. Glass Jars remind us of how powerful an impact the plants have on us. They impact on our health, mood and well-being.

A miniature forest captured in the jar require little maintenance, only requiring a few drops of water, spraying, and trimming from time too time to thrive.

The jars I’ve created are with great passion and love to bring us close to the nature. Just like a natural forest or garden, all my Capsules are full of different combinations of plants and packed with little personal details. With my micro nature you can find peace, harmony and balance.

Whispering Forest Jars are a great gift for any occasion and can also be a great display to enhance any office and home. Each of my creative skills in putting these plants in glass jars will be a pleasure to your eyes, friends and colleagues, this is why each of them are unique.

For special occasions these can be arranged to suit your style and preferences

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